Back to School Forms

This section enables you to supply the required information for the following forms:

  • Medical Authorizations
  • Field Trip Permission
  • Honor Code
  • Transportation Permission
  • Demographic Information



Other Forms and Information

This section includes the following information:

  • School Supply Lists
  • Summer Reading Lists
  • Uniform Guidelines and Ordering
  • Textbook Ordering
  • Athletic Information
  • Student Handbooks
  • Other Information and Forms


The 2016-17 Back to School Forms, including those related to Medical Authorizations, must be completed by July 15, 2016.

NetCommunity will automatically direct you to each form in order and by completing all the required sections for each child you will complete what was formerly known as the EMA (Emergency Medical Authorization.)  Don’t forget to click on SUBMIT once you have completed all the sections for each child. Additionally, there may be some forms under Other Forms that need to be downloaded and completed.  Those forms will be in place soon.